Committee 2018-2019                                                                                                                                                      Standing from Left Shahida Akter, Selina Haq, Fyzun Nesa Muna, Rezia Selim Kajol, Fancy Haq, Israt Jahan Nirupoma, Rubaba Jalil, Shams Nazneen,  Sitting from Left Rukhsana Bar Chowdhury, Nazma Mustafa Chowdhury, Fancy Ahmed, Rumjhum Kabir, Asma Abbasi, Monwara Tahir, Lutfun Nesa Shirin

A club is a hub of social interaction and diversified activities for recreation, charity, exchange of knowledge, creativity, sports, etc. Ladies in Dhaka had no such club till 1955, so life was monotonous as well as tedious. A few challenging ladies under the leadership of Mrs. Shamsia Shahabuddin (Wife of the then Chief Justice of the High court of erstwhile East Pakistan) took the initiative to start a modest beginning at a tin shade on 36, Eskaton Garden Road, Dhaka. The club has concluded a journey of 59 years encountering lot of impediments, so it was not a rosy one.

 Present structure of the club with 650 members has offered opportunities to the ladies of the capital for social gathering breaking the monotony of urban life of hard task of home making, in addition to many engaged in professional commitments. Existing committee under the leadership of Ms. Gulshan Anwara Haq  are the torch bearers of the legacy of the club. A journey of 59 years is not that rosy. The committee owes gratitude to Mrs.  Fawzia Samad for her unbending leadership. Needless to mention untiring efforts of Mrs. Amir Uddin with a tiny segment of three Bengali Members e.g. Ms. Afifa Haq, Rob, Zertina Rashid in pre-liberation period. Post- liberation witnessed nefarious approach of an International Women Organization to destroy the existence of the club, late Fawzia Samad encountered this destructive approach with undaunted zeal, dexterity, courage and moved forward with commitments to enrich the activities of the club offering solace and recreation to the ladies enjoying the membership.

The club is now humming with activities of games, gymnasium, Library, cultural activities on different festivals and occasions. Members are privileged at discounted rate to rent central hall and auditorium for weddings and get together.

 Social welfare committee of the club under the leadership of the executive committee fosters school children of 9 Kushum Koli schools by payment of their tuition fees, books, dresses, tiffin, detergent for a healthy life. Brilliant students are awarded scholarship for advancement of their studies.

Dhaka Ladies club keep close liaison with other ladies club. existing committee is planning to enrich the club by setting up a swimming pool for members and guest, a cozy guest house with limited seats is in the budding stage for members of others ladies club of other metropolis

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