Dhaka Ladies Club: my second home, Professor Asma Abbasi


Dhaka Ladies Club: my second home

Professor Asma Abbasi


There is nothing like ones own home, where we live with our family, husband, children and intimate surroundings. I lived in my brother’s house till I was married and living with husband for the last fifty years. If anyone asks me where I would like to spend my time after the home, I have a ready answer. This is my own club, my Ladies club.

Ladies Club, to me is like a garden with beautiful flowers all around. The members come to me and enquire from me about my health, about my family and my work. They compliment me about the books that I have so far published in the Boimelas. I have been conducting numerous programs as literary secretary, which to their consideration gave new life to clubs activities. I am not sure whether this is true or an exaggeration. Probably they say this because of their affection for me.

 I remember with gratitude the role of pioneers of this club, Mrs. Fouzia Samad, who gave valuable time for the present improvement of the club. My husband who is a member of Dhaka Club and Gulshan Club tells me that he enjoys the programs of Ladies Club because of hearty participation of all members, good planning, good execution and the family atmosphere. In other clubs cultural functions are being held every now and then. In comparison the programs of Ladies Club are sophisticated, unbeaten in quality and grandeur.

 I feel that the fellowship within the members is unparalleled, the reason I call it my second home.

 19th December, 2013

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